new year, new projects

There is nothing like the start of a new year to give you a fresh outlook on all the things in your life you'd like to change. For me, it was my house. Tackling rooms left unpainted, finally sorting through the endless plastic bins of baby clothes in the attic, clearing the linen closet for room for...well, linens! After the attic and closets were overhauled, I was forced to deal with my dingy-white living room. Here's a before picture:

So, not wanting to trade in my curtains, which I just purchased last year from Anthropologie, or my rug from CB2, I knew I had to pick a color which worked with my existing color scheme of black, white, and yellow. Then I came across this picture on Apartment Therapy:

My quest for the perfect shade of turquoise led me to Benjamin Moore's Poolside Blue. Once the room was painted, everything else kind of went back where it was. I added a little more spunk to my previously-dull photo gallery wall. I found a yellow and white Trey Speegle plate at Anthropologie that I hung on the wall, as well as the yellow chair print I found on Etsy. I am adding two white ceramic lamps from CB2 on the end tables flanking the sofa (which haven't arrived yet!) Aside from the lamps, the room is finished. Take a look:

Here's the opposite wall:

I feel so productive this year already!


  1. love it and I love apartment therapy. My favorite site. (Letia)

  2. It *is* the perfect color. I've been struggling to find that shade that makes my heart beat faster. Until I saw the pic of your place on House of Turquoise, nothing was doing it for me. Thanks for sharing your awesome taste ;)

  3. You have great taste!!
    I'm heading toward black, white, turgouise and yellow (with a pop of red) for my living room which has tan walls. Any suggestions on which color would go better on a particular item? My couch has a black and white patterned slipcover on it. Harder to get the desired look when you can't paint the walls. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!