So, I'm gearing up to start my self-imposed 30 day challenge on Monday and instead of getting a few things knocked off my list early, I seem to be adding things to my list of what I need to get done during the month of November in order to come out the other side, a less-stressed, more-organized and together me. Last week I had sent back a pair of boots to Piperlime that I had ordered for Declan and had requested them in a bigger size. They call today and tell me that my adorable boots I had picked out for him in July are no longer available in the next size up and sorry about my bad luck! Here they are:

So cute, right? Well, now I have to find him new boots! I can go with Uggs, which are nice because they slip on and don't require socks (good for running out the door). On the down side, they're don't have the personality that the 1st pair had. They are also $90, as opposed to the first pair which were only $49! My other option is a pair of Clarks Wallabees, which are super cute and closer to the original pair (minus the orange laces!) and more reasonably priced at $50. They also come in sand suede. Hmmmm......



  1. I got my 4 year old a pair of Wally boots from LandsEnd. Super cute! They were originally $50, but I got them half off. They have some other great things to choose from, too. :)

  2. If you get the Clarks you can find orange shoelaces... I love that wallaby look, what can I say... xoxo