i love my job, i just hate the dress code

I know sometimes when you've been up all night because your baby is getting a tooth or your 2 year old is convinced that there's a monster in her closet and spends the rest of the night wedged between you and your husband in your bed (sideways), you wake up in the morning with absolutely no desire to look presentable. But the everyday wardrobe of cargo capri pants, t-shirt you've had since college and flip flops has got to go ladies! Why must our sense of style be compromised as soon as we give birth? I've often heard people say that you shouldn't wear something when you're pregnant that you wouldn't wear if you weren't. So how about dressing how you would if you were the same age but didn't have kids? It takes the same amount of time to get dressed, no matter what you put on. If you want to wear jeans and a t-shirt...fine, but make the jeans skinny and put on a t-shirt with a little shape. Ditch the flip flops and put on some ballet flats and a scarf. Viola! Same amount of time, same comfort level, but considerably cuter. A long tunic and leggings is as comfortable as any pair of sweatpants. Celebrity moms do it all the time. Why? Not because they have more money or more help. But because they are being photographed! So pretend there's a paparazzi at the playground or chant "what would Heidi do?" as you get dressed in the morning. Whatever it takes! Trust me, you'll feel better and be more productive if you look more put together!

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