mini me

Every so often, I'll walk out of the house after finally getting myself and the kids together and dressed, to realize that one (or more) of the kids and I are dressed alike. I don't really know how it happens or how I don't notice it until the minute we are out in public, but it happens a lot! Like maybe I'll get Emerson dressed in cropped skinny jeans and a navy and white striped tee and then subconsciously, when I go to get dressed, I'll gravitate towards an almost identical outfit in my own closet without realizing that I just put the same exact thing on my daughter not half an hour before.

So, the other day when I was in one of my favorite kid stores, I saw this pair of yellow leather shoes for Finlay. I couldn't put them down, they were so sweet. And even though I was only there to get birthday gifts for my friend's twins, I had to buy them. It was later when I got home that I realized why I loved them so much.

I had bought myself a very similar pair a couple weeks ago.

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