i'm too excited to sleep

Tomorrow morning the entire Sprinkel clan is en route to Mexico for 6 days. It will be the first time we have flown with four kids. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit scared. Maybe the stars will all align and everyone will sit nicely for the duration of the three-hour flight. Maybe no one will cry, no one will scream, no one will poop. Maybe no one will fight over the window seat. Maybe the novelty of the airplane won't wear off before the plane even takes off. Maybe Declan will obey the fasten your seat belt sign. Maybe no one will be sitting next to us and Finlay will get her own seat. I realize the chances of all of these happening are slim to none. But no matter what happens, how bad it goes... I will be here tomorrow afternoon:


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  1. i am also up doing some work, checking on my fave blogs ;), catching up on emails & now sending all of the very bestest wishes, intentions, magic, and crossed fingers & toes in your direction for a smooth flight to paradise!

    ENJOY!!! xoxo