C'mon, Irene!

In case you've been living under a rock, there's a hurricane affecting much of the east coast. I'm not really one to give in to all the hoopla. I haven't nailed plywood to anything. I haven't filled my bathtub with water. I don't have cases of batteries and canned goods on hand. I figure if we have milk and diapers, we can make it work.

While everyone was raiding the grocery store this morning for water and batteries, we were hosting Ava's birthday party at the local bouncy house place. I was worried that the storm was going to force us to cancel leaving us with a heartbroken little birthday girl, but everyone came out and I think Ava had fun! Jay and I stayed up super late last night working on the favors. Not being a fan of crappy made-in-China goody bag favors, I made all the girls CDs full of some of Ava's favorite songs. I made little CD cases tied with handwritten notes thanking them for coming. I was really pleased with how they turned out! And then I witnessed this conversation go down at the party:

Mean girl (pointing to CDs): "What the heck are those? Where are the goody bags?"
Ava: "We don't have goody bags, we made CDs"
Mean girl: "Why did you make CDs?!"
Ava looks at me, looks at mean girl, eyes well up with tears
Mean girl: "What's on the CDs?"
Ava: "just some songs I like"
Mean girl: "Oh.... Well is there at least some Selena Gomez?"

This is when I stepped in, told the girl that I had made the CDs, that I had put on some good songs and that NO, there was no Selena Gomez. Seriously? I had no idea mean girls started so young! WTF! I have never wanted to slap someone so much in my life! This little seven year old made me, for a split second, question my choice in favors! And I'm 31! I can't even imagine what it was doing to Ava! But Ava is a tough cookie, she didn't let that tear welling up in her eyes fall. She didn't give that girl the satisfaction. She just walked away and started handing CDs out to the other more appreciative guests. I was so proud of her!

So now that the party is over, we are all hunkered down here, waiting out the storm. So far, we still have power. Which is awesome! We still do not have Internet due to a storm earlier in the week. The Verizon man was due to come out tomorrow, but due to the hurricane, he called today to reschedule. He said he could come out on the 30th instead, September 30th. After a rather humorous conversation between said Verizon man and my husband, we may be switching service providers!
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