While the Jay is away....

...I am sure to redecorate or rearrange something. It's a sure thing! In fact, he is no longer surprised in the least to come home from a trip/round of golf/random Tuesday at the office to find that a room is entirely different than when he left the house. Some might say I am a complete lunatic, I think of it as insurance that he will never get bored!

So, in addition to the freakishly clean house and the living room makeover, I also changed some things in our master bedroom. Here's a look at the before picture:

I took down the curtains, stripped the bed, removed the painting, and the lamps. Those end tables aren't there anymore either, because they were moved a couple weeks ago down to the family room. The ones from the living room were moved up in their place. I purchased a set of the organic ikat-stripe sheets, a white frayed-edge quilt, and a pair of feather gray organic matelassé shams from West Elm. I added a DwellStudio for Target pillow that used to be in the living room. I purchased two matching glass lamps and shades from (where else?) Target. Here's a look:

I also moved a desk (the beat-up one from Ava and Emerson's room) and the IKEA expedit bookcase over into my sitting room. To cover up the marker-stained, sticker-covered top, I might sand it down and paint the top with some chalkboard paint (that I have leftover from the kitchen wall). We'll see!

My thought process was that if I had a desk and a large storage area in my dressing room, I could use it for all my craft stuff. I put everything into containers (with labels) and now it's super organized. Everything has a home, so now when I'm done being crafty, it can go back to its home.

The floral slipper chair and black dresser had to then move into the bedroom.

I still have nothing on the walls and no curtains, but I'm getting there. I did buy this mirror from Target for $19.99 that I plan to spray paint white.

I'll post pictures as it comes together!

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