new soup for you!

Last night, I made dinner. A real dinner, that didn't involve the microwave. I found this yummy tortilla soup recipe on momfilter. I made a few minor adjustments, like shredding a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store instead of cooking the chicken myself. I used 1/2 of the amount of chipotle they called for. I also used oregano instead of epazote and monterey jack instead of chihuahua cheese. Considering that I rarely (ok, never) attempt recipes that require charring a pepper over a gas burner or breaking out the blender, I found it to be surprisingly easy. There was a point in the recipe where most of the ingredients go into the blender, and it made me question exactly what size blender the person who wrote the recipe has in their kitchen. Because I had to blend it in batches. But in the end, it turned out really well! Like, not only did the kids eat it but they asked for seconds. In fact, my husband is eating it right now for breakfast. It's that good! Emerson even called it world famous.

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  1. looks so good. FYI Real Simple this month has 10 different recipes to make with a supermarket rotisserie chicken.