Please forgive me!

It's been 46 days since my last confession blog post. Sorry! Here's what you missed:

12 swim lessons
4 basketball games
2 gymnastics classes
3 field trips
1 overnight Girl Scout trip
1 parent/teacher conference
1 trip to Mexico (us)
1 trip to see the grandparents (the kids)
1 baptism
1 new baby ("Osbert" was born on March 5th, but he prefers to be called Bryson now!)
1 birthday party
2 date nights
3 playdates
2 new teeth for Finlay
2 lost teeth for Ava
3 doctors' appointments
1 room painted


46 trips to the Starbucks (just kidding! I was in Mexico for 4 days--so it was really more like 42)

So, now that all of that is out of the way...my upcoming projects are:

finishing decorating the kids' rooms
switching Declan from a crib to a twin bed
painting the laundry room
making our backyard more functional and less of an eyesore

I could add a million other things to that list, but I'm trying to simplify and just work on stuff I have an actual shot at crossing off. First, up the girls' room. I'll post details and pictures soon!

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