garage overhaul

So, even though it was on my November to-do list, our garage still looks like this:

Ok, this isn't our actual garage. This is a picture from an episode of Hoarders. But, really ours is not much better. So I've been looking for some organized garage inspiration. Here are some of my favorites:

While, I do not really expect my garage to end up looking like any of these images. I would like to be able to pull one car into our three car garage. I'll post pictures of my progress.


  1. oh my goodness, WHERE are you going to hang your straw gardening hat!???

    so, i LOVE those garages- yes, please! i have a magazine you need to borrow whilst planning & tackling this task... it's all about repurposing existing things into neat, clever little storage/organizational tools. (a la your PB jars for paint ;) which, of course, i have leafed through & admired many many times aaaaand not yet put into action, haha... btw, how in the #&@! did you sneak that photo of my garage for your "before" pic!?? not cool!


  2. I heard those track systems in picture three are awesome. I have never had a garage to try it out but other people love them. The tool tracing thing works great. Mike used to do that when he worked for an engine's lab.