it's in!

While Finlay slept soundly in the swing, recovering from her croupy seal cough, the rest of the Sprinkel family put on their winter coats, hats, and gloves and went out to clean/play in the garage. Jay and I put together one of those metal Gorilla racks for some extra storage. Here's a picture:

So my garage looks NOTHING like any of my inspiration pictures, but I attribute that in part to the fact that my garage, unlike those, isn't fully dry-walled and doesn't have a shiny painted floor. Also, take into account, it was about 25 degrees yesterday and we had 3 kids and 1 dog running around during the organization extravaganza. Also, it was too cold to open the garage doors, so we didn't have the luxury of taking everything out and sorting through it in the driveway. But in the end, everyone had fun and most importantly, my car fits! Here's proof:

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