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The past two weeks have been insane. Far surpassing the level of crazy that has become normal here. Christmas was a blur. A wonderful blur of family, food, traditions (both old & new), a serious amount of loot, and even a little snow. My husband has this thing of always asking what was my favorite part. My favorite part of a movie, my favorite part of a trip, my favorite part of dinner. So, here are my favorite parts of the holidays (in no particular order):

#1: The fact that I justified NOT wrapping gifts until Christmas eve because Declan would surely have ripped them all open if I had them sitting pretty under the tree, right?! Um...apparently not! Because when I placed gifts in front of him to open on Christmas morning with my camera in hand and an eager grin on my face, this is all I got:

No furiously unwrapping, No squealing with delight at the presents I had spent months hunting for. Nothing! Oh well, there's always next year!

#2: My Christmas present to Jay. I had my favorite picture of all six of us sent to Modern Bird Studios to create this one-of-a-kind piece of art that I am seriously in love with. It's now hanging in our family room where I get to look at it every day. Here it is:

#3: My Christmas presents
from Jay. It's a two-way tie between my new iPad and my new Givenchy messenger bag. LOVE them both! I'm talking take them to bed and cuddle with them-love! Here they are:

#4: Watching my husband read
'Twas the Night Before Christmas to all four kids (in their matching Christmas pj's) on Christmas Eve.

#5: The kids posing with their favorite Christmas gifts:

Ava with her Nintendo DSi

Emerson with her dollhouse from Land of Nod

Declan with his Hape airplane

and Finlay with her Twilight Turtle.

Jay and I (and maybe Ava) are probably the only ones who will remember the Christmas of 2010, but it truly was a magical time here at Camp Sprinkel.

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