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This past weekend, Jay went on his annual snowboard trip. This is when he will loudly interject that it is not annual, since he didn't get to go in 2009 (because I was giving birth to Declan) or 2010 (he instead opted to go to Miami for the Superbowl, leaving me 9 weeks pregnant with 3 kids in a blizzard). Anyway....so, while Jay was here for 6 days:

I stayed home and played single mom. After approximately 24 hours of going at it alone, we headed to my moms. I hate being in our house at night without Jay and I figured it would give me some time to hang out with my mama. And I'd get some help! So I figured I'd just plop all the kids and take a little road trip. I vastly underestimated the amount of crap stuff that four kids require to go... well, anywhere! Here are some pictures of the car:

I also forgot what happens to kids when you try to get them to sleep somewhere other than their rooms. The girls, who should have been fine seeing as they share a room at home, maintained a midnight- 6 am sleeping schedule the whole time we were there. And poor Declan, cried to the point of vomiting every night before I had even left the room. Finlay took pity on me one night, thankfully, and slept from 11pm-6am. Here's a picture of her in the morning looking all bright-eyed:

We did have a really good time though. We took the kids one day to an indoor play place filled with moon bounces and other inflatables. The girls suckered me into trying to win them something out of the claw machine. I spent $8, but was eventually able to score a stuffed pig for Emerson (whose arm promptly fell off an hour later) and a miniature Strawberry Shortcake doll for Ava.

We also hit up a few cute little boutiques while I was there and I scored some stuff for the kids. My favorite is this cozy sleeping bag by aden + anais.

It's made of four layers of muslin, the same stuff their amazing swaddle blankets are made from. It keeps babies super warm without needing a blanket but unlike those fleece versions, it's super breathable, so they don't overheat. They also make a classic version for warmer months, that's a little bit lighter weight. I thought it was genius, so we bought one and Finlay's been sleeping in it ever since.

I also got to go to the J.Crew outlet, which is the only one around that carries crew cuts. I got the kids some super cute stuff for spring. I even got myself some shorts and a big floppy straw hat for our upcoming trip to Mexico!

By Sunday morning, the kids were falling all over themselves so we had to leave. And I figured my mom probably wanted to put her house back together after Hurricane Sprinkel had rolled through.

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