Finlay is 5 months old. 162 days to be exact. That is, 162 days that I have not had more than 5 hours of sleep in a row. Every night I go to bed with this tiny glimmer of hope that tonight will be the night. Finlay was finally starting to stretch out her feedings and sleep a little longer each night. So, when I crawled into bed around 11:30pm, I had relatively high hopes of getting a good night sleep.

12:15- Finlay starts to whimper, I get up and give her a pacifier
12:27- Finlay starts to cry, I get up and put her in bed with me, feed her, and start to doze off
12:45- Emerson comes in our room, with vomit in her hair saying she has thrown up in her bed. Since I'm still nursing Finlay and can't get up and Jay is still (somehow) asleep, I tell her to go sleep in her sleeping bag on the floor. She asks if she can change her pajamas first.
12:57- Finish feeding Finlay, put her back in her bassinet, go check on Emerson, strip her bed and put laundry in the hall and go back to bed
1:17- Hear Emerson crying, tell Jay to go check on her, Jay goes into the hall and comes back in. Says it's not Emerson, it's Declan.
1:22- Declan stops crying
1:47- Finlay starts to cough and whimper, Jay gets up and gives her her pacifier
4:14- Finlay starts screaming, it sounds like a baby seal, I get up and walk her around the room to try to calm her down, end up feeding her again
4:52- get Finlay asleep and in her bassinet
7:14- wake up for good

I took Finlay to the doctor, turns out she has croup. This explains the baby seal noises. The doctor said the next couple nights might not be fun. I start laughing.

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