day eleven:

Confessions for day eleven:

-I did not have to be anywhere until 11 a.m. today and I still managed to be late
-I wore workout clothes
-It's a good thing I wore workout clothes because I spent the entire hour of Emerson's first gymnastics class chasing Declan around the gym because I forgot to bring him a stroller (because of previously-mentioned lateness)
-I feel as though I've worked out now, so I will not feel guilty today about not going to the gym
-Instead of going home after gymnastics class, to put my clearly-exhausted toddler down for a nap, I chose to go to the Target for a coffee (and groceries...but mostly for the coffee)
-I asked for an extra shot of espresso
-I bought a lunchable at the Target, so I don't have to pack Ava's lunch tonight
-I am writing this blog entry on my laptop in the car, which is parked in my driveway so I can get wifi, because the kids are confined to their carseats and watching a movie, with their snacks and sippy cups and it's the first peaceful moment I've had all day!

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