day ten...

Yesterday was day ten and I spent most of it on a mission at the mall trying to find the perfect four outfits for the kids for our holiday card. Yes, ordering online would have been much easier, but not faster. And when I get it in my head that I want to do something, I want to do it immediately! Well, since Ava and Emerson are in school all day on Wednesdays, I took Declan and Finlay for a day of shopping. Here's what I purchased for Ava (left) and Emerson (right):

Trying to find something for Finlay and Declan did not go as smoothly. I did end up finding this bodysuit and tutu/pant combo for Finlay. :

For Declan, I bought this sweater that I do not love. Even paired with skinny jeans and his new Clarks, it's a little more "ski chalet" than I was going for.

I'm thinking of maybe going with black skinny jeans, a white button down and a festive necktie, loosened up a bit. Here are some options I found on etsy:

Now I just have to get all my kids bathed, dressed, and in good moods...at the same time! Stay tuned for the outtakes! If they are anything like last year's they will not disappoint!

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