day seven...

It's day seven of my thirty day challenge. We are one week in and I figure it's time to get started on some of the bigger projects on my list. My husband left at 9:45 am for a one o'clock football game that is approximately nine miles from our house. Hmmmmm... So I am left with five loads of laundry to do, four kids, three dogs, two dozen cupcakes to make, and one giant to-do list! So what do I decide to tackle? The attic, of course! I have pulled all twelve bins of clothes down and am attempting to go through it all, and only put back what I am going to use again. The rest is going to the goodwill today. Or more realistically, sometime next week. I did find time to take Finlay's 3 month picture (only a day late!). After the attic, I am going to make the cupcakes, order some pizza for dinner, pack lunches, layout clothes, give baths, read books, get the kids to bed, drink a glass of wine and read some of my book. Just in time for my husband to get home from the one o'clock game!

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