day thirteen...

Wish me luck! Not because it's day thirteen, but because Jay and I are taking the kids to Tyson's Corner for our annual pre-Thanksgiving shopping trip. I need to pick up some new Christmas decorations from West Elm, because as soon as the plates are cleared from Thanksgiving dinner, it is officially Christmas time at the Sprinkel house. We are putting up our trees (yes, that was plural) the day after Thanksgiving this year. The holiday season always seems too short, we decided. So instead of waiting until the first or second week in December to decorate, we are getting on it this year. Black Friday isn't when we start thinking about Christmas, it's when Christmas will be in full swing here! There will be trees, lights, ornaments, cookies, eggnog, and some ABC Family movies to boot. Even though I'm almost done my shopping, I think I will head to the Target at 4 a.m. this year just to get me in the mood. I mean, why not? Why did we have all these kids if we weren't going to do Christmas Griswold-style!

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