day five...

It is actually day six now, because I didn't fit in a blog entry last night. But Jay and I did do something last night that has rarely never been done before. We took four kids (none of which had naps) to the mall around dinner time to window shop for Thanksgiving stuff. We put Declan and Finlay (the little ones) in the double stroller while Ava and Emerson (the big ones) walked. We took them in Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma and nothing got broken, no one threw themselves on the ground, no one even cried. We got them pretzels and a frozen lemonade and I got myself a peppermint mocha (I have spent $19.32 at Starbucks so far this week, for those of you keeping track) and we walked around as a happy little big family. We even went in the Sony store and watched the 3-D TV that my husband is trying to convince me we need. We grabbed a pizza and a bottle of red wine on the way home and put the kids to bed and had a nice quiet little evening, basking in our parental accomplishment of taking all of our children out in public at the same time and no one getting hurt.

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