day seventeen...

Or the day I will forever remember as the day I found my first gray hair. I was in the bathroom at the salon changing into my little waffle knit robe getting ready for my first facial in about six years. I told the esthetician it had been two. I have no idea why. Like she was going to judge me less if I had gotten one two years ago instead of six. Jay had given me a gift certificate last Christmas and it expires after a year, so I figured I had until December 23rd of this year (I'm assuming) to take advantage of it. So there I am, inspecting my pores in the mirror when I catch a glimpse of it, my first gray hair. A little early birthday present to remind me that I am about to go from being thirty to being in my thirties. As I think back ten years ago, approaching my 21st birthday and the night of debauchery that followed, I think how much I have done in the last 10 years. I finished college (not in the degree-obtaining kind of way, more in the ok, I'm done, let's do something else kind of way), I got engaged, married, had 4 babies, got three dogs, bought two houses and sold one. And that's just the big stuff. When you take all of that into account, I guess I should be glad it was just the one.

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